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   Forever Grateful to the Burgess Hill U3A without who this club would not exist

  Club Gallery Page

Members MGB

Bob's Vincent

 Colin Pestell's Jaguar Mk 4

Paul's Carter's Daimler

 Stingray Corvette

      Terry Bray's 105e Anglia                                     David Wright Guy Arab                          Malcolm Craig's Mini                                      David Sawyer's Alvis

 Robs E Type

Tony's Ford Anglia                            Under the Hood   

  Under the bonnet of the Tiger

Sheena & Dave Martins Ford (A)

              Jim's M.V.

  Tony Brown's Triumph Acclaim

Simon Hancocks Mk 2

  Fred's Standard 8                   Fred's XKR                               Gordons Stag                              Ian  140XK

Ian Pinney's Mazda MX5

Eileen's Morris Traveller

Sharon & Jason's Triumph 2000

 Peter's Adams 1964 Mk 2 3.8                          Jaguar


    Under the hood Jaguar Mk 2

Fred's 1999 Retro S Type ???

 Neil Spitefire with GT6 Engine

I        David's MX5

 Martins Renault

Grahams 1972 Merc

Nick's  Volvo 1954

Dougs Jaguar XJ6

Dougs XJ 6 3.2 & Eileens Morris

Grahams  VW Special


Simon's Hancocks Mk 2.



Based on a Willies Jeep


   Paul Godfreys Renault Alpine



    Peter Handford's Ruby 1937



         Tony Boyles MG Midget



Russel Biss Mk 7 Jagaur


         Ron Solomons Vitesse

Mick Peppers Triumph Roadster                


  Graham Mackley,s MGB Roadster

Jeff, Sheila, Alan  One of Alan's                                Triumphs


          Various Members Bikes



   Colin Shippey's Tiger Cub



BOB Martin's Black Shadow


                           Neville XJS


                           David & Lara's Renault Floride


           Colin Pestell's F Type

For Sale

David's Traction Unit

I         David Lights Rover 100

 Osmobile  Unknow at Breakfast         Jeff's P$ V8

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   1960 Turner Unknown at Breakfast

           Colin Pestel's MGs

A30 at Deanland Breakfast

S Type and pre 1950                Daimler at Mag Motors

     Rover 105 at Eastbourne

         Jim Langridge Triumph TR5
    Jagtech's Charity XJ 300
Consul & Zepher at Ticehurst
Fred's X Type Jag Estate
Michael Hilton's Typhoon
  David Saunders Alvis
         Clive's XK120
 Gordon's Triumph Stag         Barry's   Rolls Royce
     Barry's Mustang              Barry's  E Type
          Barry's D Type
          Fred's Standard 8's

 Nigel's Primrose E Type

David Wright's Guy Arab

            Members Stag                              Peters XJ6                         Wendy's X Granada                         Mick's Roadster

     Sue Life Style MGB GT                 Steve's E. Austin Healy 3000            Munchies Tuk Tuk               Sue E Austin Healy Sprite

      Weald Classic Vehicle Club                                                               JOIN US AT THE 

         Weald Inn. Royal George Road Burgess Hill RH15 9SJ

           Come and Enjoy Your Local Classic Vehicle Club

     If you own or just enjoy classic vehicles come along and enjoy an           evening with like minded people. Club night is  every 2nd Tuesday

    of the month and our monthly Breakfast 3rd Sunday in the               month at the Heaven Tea Rooms Furners Green,TN22 3RD
              Many other activities through out the year.



                    Contact Fred 07773 778484 or 01444 239853

      E-mail: :  web:

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